Building Maintenance Units – BMU

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Permanent facilities for maintenance of facades – Building Maintenance Unit – BMU

The permanent facilities are cleaning cranes, which are permanently installed on the roof of the building and are used for cleaning and maintenance of facades.

The cleaning crane is designed and characterized uniquely for each project, and is specially built (Tailor Made) in accordance with the architecture of the building and the various facades and allows maximum accessibility to all parts of the facade. The crane has the ability to lift glass and curtain walls, as well as the option of handling the stone cladding.

In buildings where the permanent facilities cannot be installed, we offer a system of decorative rails, made of aluminum – Monorail – single-strip, installed along the perimeter of the facade, on which a work basket moves with the help of manual / electric trolleys.

All the equipment we have and the manufacturers we present in Israel meet the requirements of the European standard EN-1808 and are certified to engage in the field.

We provide initial advice, which begins at the early planning stage of the buildings and continues to accompany the project while the design changes, which take place during its construction.

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