Modular lifting facilities

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GEDA-Ladder-Lift מתקן ההרמה של ``קריב פתרונות הרמה`` הוא הפתרון האופטימלי והזול ביותר להרמה ולהורדה של חומרי בנייה וכלים לקומה המשופצת.

What is the facility for?

The device consists of a modular ladder, a powerful electric motor, a lifting box and a carrying cart with a lifting capacity of 250 kg!

Can be installed vertically – allows access to each floor – to a maximum height of 45 m!

Designed to lift and remove products and materials from the roofs and building developers: windows, doors, balconies, etc.

Allows lifting and unloading of materials and products from each floor and allows waste removal and unloading of excess materials and equipment.

The lifting device is used as an external elevator for materials and tools as a cheap alternative to other lifting devices.

Who is the facility for?

For renovation contractors.

TMA 38 Contractors.

Building Contractors.

What does the contractor need for the facility?

For transporting building materials and tools to the apartment / floor / s.

For waste disposal.

What is the advantage of the facility over other alternatives for lifting materials and equipment?

Significantly lower price.

Save on work time.

Save on transportation.

Immediate availability.

Work comfort – is on site and available throughout the day.

Self-operation by each employee – there is no need for a professional employee.

What can be lifted and lowered directly to the floor, using the fixture?

plaster boards.


Cement bags, clay bags, gypsum bags, glue bags.

Sand, blocks, paint, putty.

Sanitary ware and plumbing fittings.

Electrical appliances, electrical accessories and firefighting equipment.

Tiles, ceramics and marble.

Kitchens, air conditioners.

Waste downloads.

What does it save?

Savings on ordering a crane truck.

Quarrels with neighbors (congestion, waiting, dirt and more).

Damage to stairwells and need to repair.

Damage to elevators.

Fracture (drywall, sanitary ware, ceramics and more).

Working time of employee increase and decrease employees and rest time.

Time to move materials inside the floor (when everything is stored on the floor).

Save on transportation.


Save time by meeting deadlines.

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